Graphic Design + Wedding Photography =

Graphic Design + Wedding Photography

What happens when you add Graphic Design to Wedding Photography?

…another wedding photography edit.

These are not my photos, these photos were taken by Interscope Photography, a very professional photography studio based in Atlanta.

I don’t do wedding photography, but I do edit photos for wedding photographers. I could add wedding photography to my repertoire because good wedding photographers make a lot of money, unfortunately, I have this thing about dressing up…I don’t like too.

So..I got a request to combine 2 photos,¬†initially, I didn’t want to, but I had a change of heart. I usually photoshop 2 photos together with the intention of making the photo look fake…like a painting, I don’t want them to look like real photos, but his client wanted a dramatic Cinderella type of photo.

The problem with doing Photoshop on a regular basis is that sometimes I can’t tell how real or fake something looks, so I have to seek a 2nd opinion. One person said it looked “super fake” (I was slightly offended) another said it looked cool (I didn’t know how to take that). I decided to just let the client judge since he’s a professional photographer…he was happy with it. Cool.

On to the next one!

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