Domenico Tojetti : Progress of America (Remix)

Domenico Tojetti : Progress of America

Okay, so like every other graphic designer…I design flyers, business cards, and logos.
I don’t have concrete evidence, but I don’t think that it’s far-fetched to say that those 3 items make up over 90% of my business.
As much as I appreciate clients entrusting me with their brand identity…I offer more services than just designing the big 3.
I’ve designed posters, window wraps, and t-shirts…but that’s not what this is about, this is about digital photography + graphic art…the reason why I learned how to use Photoshop.
I started out over a decade ago drawing myself in crazy scenarios with cartoon characters and in parallel universes, then I found out about Photoshop…I put down the pencil and picked up the (Wireless Graphic Drawing) pen.
Which is why I made this picture…I offer a myriad of design services, so it’s time that I do a better job of marketing what those services are.
…now maybe I’ve been watching too much Shark Tank, but if you’d like to be placed in a piece of fine art like this, feel free to contact me! (I sell my services on Etsy). If you live in the Dallas Ft.worth area, I can take the photo for you (for a nominal fee). Original Artwork – Domenico Tojetti : Progress of America.

Domenico Tojetti : Progress of America Remix

Progress of America Remix
Progress of America Remix

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