Event Photography At Fuse Restaurant & Lounge.

Before & After

Event (Birthday Party) Photography At Fuse Restaurant & Lounge.

The 1st job that I booked as a “photographer”. It was a very nice birthday masquerade party in a very nice location in the middle of downtown (Dallas). I didn’t want to do it because I don’t really do event photography, but I and the birthday girl had a mutual friend (who referred me) & he’s a solid dude, so I couldn’t say no.

I charged a fair price and I made clear my limitations as a “photographer”, but thanks to our mutual friend, they were familiar with me and my work and still wanted my services. *sidenote – I’m not a party guy, I’ve only had 1 birthday party (I think I was turning 10), I don’t get jiggy with it and if you do catch me at a club or party, I’m standing near the exit either with my arms folded and my head slightly tilted or faking like I’m on the phone. – end note
With that said, it wasn’t bad and it was cool to step out of myself.

I made more than a few mistakes…(1 parking too far from the venue, (2 carrying too much equipment (walking thru Downtown with a backpack and a duffle bag full of camera equipment at 2:30 am…not cool) and I rushed some shots.

After the dust settled I had a former client and mentor of mine that’s a professional photographer give me some constructive criticism and it was all common sense stuff, so I felt optimistic about my next photography job and my photography skills, in general, going forward.

I could’ve gone back and changed some things with photoshop after the advice that was given, but I felt like that would’ve been lame, like when a rapper makes a song with another rapper and then listens to the verse of the guest rapper, feels his/her bars are inadequate, so he/she goes back and makes a whole new verse.

I try my best ever time…with this job, I did the best that I could with the knowledge that I had. I’m a little wiser now, so the next time will be even better, I’ll use this job as a benchmark for where I was as a photographer.

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*another sidenote…if you’re big on details like I am and you’re thinking that I should’ve changed the hair color to match the lighting, I thought that too, but after changing it to match the lighting, I changed it back…I simply thought it was overkill.

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