Some Light Photo-manipulation

Light Photo-manipulation

Some Light Photo-manipulation

Photo Manipulation…
First things first, I didn’t take these photos…the credit goes to Interscope Photography of Atlanta¬†Georgia (
With that said, I received a phone call asking could I photoshop 2 photos together to fit inside of a 10×16 photo frame. Of course, I needed to see the photos first.
I was emailed the photos, I checked them out, I replied…hell no.
The photos weren’t uniform and the perspective was off…then again, I like challenges and in all probability, the family that’s in the photo won’t be studying it for irregularities.
So, let’s get to work…

Step 1: Change the perspective of the building & stretch the sky

Step 2: Combine the photos. The best spot was under the balcony in photo 1 & above the balcony in photo 2.

Step 3: Stretch the sidewalk and add some light texture…to make it look real.

Step 4: Replace the Guest Services sign… the sign that I replaced it with looks photoshopped, but it’s supposed too.

In the end, I think it came out awesome, but I’m biased.

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