Remix of…The Coronation of the Virgin by Diego Velázquez.

The Coronation of The Mack

The Coronation of the Virgin
The Coronation of the Virgin

…original artwork by Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez or Diego Velázquez for short in 1645 (per Wikipedia, because other than that I would have no clue)
It’s titled – The Coronation of the Virgin.

…since I’m not a virgin (barley) I guess I would have to title my version “The Coronation of The Mack”.

Since that’s the name on my birth certificate…that’s not entirely accurate, but it does sound like a dope ass movie title.
The most time-consuming part about this was moving the “cherubs”…they were to close to my chucks.
I finished the picture last year, but I’ve been working on becoming a better photographer, so I moved on to other things.
…but why make stuff & not show it? I don’t know, so here it is…


hi-res version here

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