Back To The Future Poster (re-mix) Mack To The Future.

Back To The Future remix Mack To The Future.

BACK TO THE FUTURE MOVIE POSTER REMIX – This Is Not A Photoshop Tutorial – Dallas Graphic Designer & Amateur Photographer

I repeat this is not a Photoshop Tutorial.
I’m still learning how to use the screen recorder & video editing software that I have.
Eventually, I will upload a tutorial, though!
With that said, this is just a recent project that I worked on for my portfolio.
If you check out the video, you’ll see that it’s not hard…just a little time-consuming.
The only tricky part is getting the angle right when you take your replacement photo…it’s should be just below waist height.

Some of my tools:
Photoshop CC
Nikon D-5500
A cheap graphic tablet from Amazon.

You can check out the regular photo at –
Or you can see my work on Instagram (I’ll follow back)

If anyone wants any of the raw files used, just let me know & I’ll make them available.

The background music is here –

Thanks For Watching!

High-res version

3 thoughts on “Back To The Future Poster (re-mix) Mack To The Future.

    1. I have a video on Youtube showing some of the steps, but when I better learn how to use screen capture software…I’ll make more videos.
      If you want the original Back To The Future movie poster that I used…I just Googled the biggest version that I could find on image search.
      If you want the version that used, just let me know & I’ll email it to you.

      Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it.

      1. Hey!

        Realy cool, just watched your video!!
        Thank you for the content!
        Would be grat if you send me your version!

        Thanks a lot!

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