What’s the difference between a gate & a fence


…so I decided that it’d be dope if I took photos on both sides of this gate & although this gate is slightly taller than your average gate, back in the day I used to jump gates without hesitation & even though I’m 37 with grey hair (don’t care)…it’s not indicative of my age, it’s hereditary.

I’m still fairly active with no aches or pains, so jumping this gate to take a dope ass selfie should’ve been #lightwork, but life comes at you fast & all of the enthusiasm that I had when I started the process of jumping the gate was long gone by the time I landed (along with my energy). As I sauntered back over the gate, sweating profusely with my stomach growling, I knew that my gate hopping days were looong gone. I walked back to my car I & as soon as I got in, I cried like Debo stole my chain. 🤕

What’s the difference between a gate & a fence🤔

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